ONE-ON-ONE Coaching and support


“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.”



You’re smart, motivated and driven. You’ve got a successful career and you’re ready for the next step in your journey.

Whether that’s taking on more responsibility, finding more satisfaction, or being more effective in your role--you recognize that what’s gotten you where you are today, won’t take you where you want to be.

You’re ready to put in the work.

When you’re at your best, work flows easily, relationships feel secure and no challenge feels too big. But oftentimes we need support to achieve our best and attain what’s next in our career.

What’s working? What could be even better? What do you want to be different a year from now?

If you’re ready to experience the powerful personal and professional shifts that occur through coaching, I’m ready to be your partner.


What is Coaching?

One-on-one coaching fast tracks development and growth so you can achieve your goals. Through regularly scheduled phone or online sessions, we’ll work together to set meaningful goals, improve your mindset and decision making skills, boost self-confidence, communicate with greater impact and empathy, and feel more resilient in your day to day.

Coaching is a safe space to expand your view of what’s possible, explore what’s holding you back, and confidently reach the next level. It helps you tap into your strengths and feel empowered to achieve your goals.


We use industry-leading assessments to help you better understand yourself AND others. Whether you want to improve your working relationships, strengthen your management skills, elevate your leadership impact, or tackle conflict with a fresh perspective, our assessments deliver insights and strategies to meet your needs.

Common areas of focus for Coaching

  • Enhancing self awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Communicating with greater impact and empathy

  • Achieving greater work satisfaction and engagement

  • Clarifying goals and your vision for the future

  • Becoming a more effective leader

  • Building more productive work relationships and networks

  • Making a smooth transition into management

  • Developing better time-management strategies

  • Understanding your fears and limiting beliefs

  • Reducing stress and anxiety


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